UPEI's SMCSS is the society where CS Majors, Math Majors and any kind of tech and computer lover comes to dominate the Cass Science Hall Lounge (202) Our mission is simple: We seek to ensure Computer Science and Math are fields that are welcoming, fun, and as painful as they can be, worth it. Anyone can pick up a programming language or write Hello World. What counts is the ability to solve a problem; if you have this, you're already halfway there. Our job is to show you and guide you along the way to greatness or problem solving, be it societal, personal or technical. We host events, raise your voice, and ensure we spread our love for tech and stupid things. Also check out our sister community: The UPEI Gaming Club Join us, and our Discord. flagmap_caPrince_Edward_Island_Flag intersex_progress_pride_flagblm UPEI is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Lnu Epekwitk (Island Mi'kmaq), a district of Mi'kma'ki, the Mi'kmaq Nation.